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Lisa McLeod’s Sales Advice: Successful Selling Has a Noble Purpose

Do you have something valuable to sell? Lisa Earle McLeod, says that top performers want to improve their customers’ lives. Her sales leadership lessons are based on the notion of “noble sales.”

The founder of McLeod & More, Inc., a sales leadership consultancy, Lisa Earl McLeod

Lisa shares Cinderella to CEO advice with listeners: 1. Don’t feel sleazy if you’re selling something you believe in that can help someone. Customers have free will to pick and choose. 2. It’s your job to present your products, services, and yourself in the very best way. 3. Even Thomas Jefferson was in sales. He and others behind the Declaration of Independence had to convince their “constituents” that they had a very valuable idea. So how’d they do it? Listen to CinderellaCEO’s interview with Lisa McLeod and learn how to improve your customers’ lives.

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