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CinderellaCEO-Dave Johnson, CEO Aimbridge Hospitality

Cinderella CEO on Air is a career podcast based on the international book, From Cinderella to CEO – How to Master the 10 Lessons of Fairy Tales to Transform Your Work Life. Cary Broussard, author and host of the show interviews CEOs and executives about their Cinderella Stories and how the lessons of fairy tales have helped them successfully navigate business challenges. Guests come from a wide range of businesses and offer steps to develop a successful career. The guests offer anecdotes and stories that guide listeners, based on lessons of fairy tales. The podcasts have a fun tone and create memorable lessons that listeners at all levels of their career will enjoy.

Producers Logan Rene’ Broussard and Russ Johns Production Team: Sylvia Wolosyn, Anita Bell and Debby Englander We interview Dave Johnson, CEO and President of Aimbridge Hospitality, a billion dollar hotel management company. Dave started in the hotel business as a sales manager in Chicago and worked his way up to President of Wyndham Hotels. When Wyndham was purchased in 2005, he started his own hotel management company with one hotel. Today, Aimbridge is the 2nd largest hotel management company in the country.

Aimbridge won the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2014 and the Dallas Morning News voted Aimbridge one of the top 100 places to work. Dave talks about building Aimbridge from the ground up, and why treating employees like family is core to the company’s values. We discuss the importance of mentoring, the evolving roles of fathers in their family’s lives and financing a sustainable business model.

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