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Fast Track Job Satisfaction

Swim with the Swans & Find Your Way to Fulfilling Career

Course Description

1 hr



Course Learning Outcomes:


  • Hone Your Job-Hunting Skills (Research, Interviewing, Financial Planning, Resume building)

  • Learn to Recognize and Value Your Professional and Personal Strengths

  • Expand Your Support Network Match Your Goals, Objectives and Values with the Right Culture Fit for you

  • How to Cultivate the Art of Workplace Leadership and Teamwork

This 90 minute Mastermind Group includes:

5 weeks of career coaching, peer-to-peer networking, One-to-one coaching with Cary Broussard, Experts in career search providing step-by-step career guidance


Each participant will receive:

a bi-weekly 30-minute check-in session with Cary to monitor career progress (job hunt, review of career map, any issues that are keeping you up at night)


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