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Studying to Reach the Palace

Final exams. Ah, what a joyous season!  Visions of strong coffee and junk food dancing in our stomachs…Tis the season of overachieving and making the best grades… Here are tips from Cinderella, who had her own “version” of exams…while reaching the Palace of her dreams. 1. Don’t bring the wolf to your door by being sleep deprived or neglecting yourself. Drink water – not just diet Coke. Give yourself a break with an afternoon walk or run – exchange back massages. Stimulate the economy. Splurge on a manicure, if you can afford it. Stir up your endorphins.  It’s important to be at your physical best during this time. I know it’s very hard to think about taking care of yourself when there is so much pressure and your grades are on the line. Keep this in mind…We all do our best when we feel good. O.k.,you never know who’s admiring you from afar, might as well look and feel your best while you’ve got your head down studying! 2. Finding the glass slipper…We all like a great pair of shoes – We look for comfort, style and a value –  and not always in that order. Just like those choices we have in finding the right “slipper”, we also have a choice in who we hang out with – those who understand we are developing into the great, wonderful swans we are striving to be. So stay away from the naysayers and avoid the energy suckers who may be intentionally or unintentionally veering you off course. I’m not sure swans need slippers, but well, you get my meaning. Study takes discipline! 3. Give Yourself a Break. Remember all heroines in fairy tales are basically flawed and yet still win in the end, by doing their very best toward achieving their goals – and reaching “happier ever after.” Remember, you don’t have to be perfect…but you’ve got to do well by doing your best. 4. Note to Self: Fairy tale heroines DO NOT sit around waiting to be rescued…You have to reach within and also reach out ~ to earn the attention of others who can also help you ~ Offer to help someone else in a study review who may be struggling. They may also provide you with that genious tidbit you’ve been missing. Someone may even appreciate an unexpected, “hey, how are you?” during this stressful time. After all,’Tis the Season! 5. Last but least – Soak in what you are studying – don’t just memorize. Think about it. In order to transform ourselves from beast to beauty, ash girl to Cinderella, we need a vision of who we want to be and how we want to influence the world. Knowing the right answer is your goal but with that comes responsibility. If you are reading this now, there is someone out there who wants you to reach the palace of your dreams, that person is YOU, and you can count me in too. Here are some interesting study sites I researched that may be helpful to you in your studies….Good luck. College Study Tips High School Study Tips Visual Learners Tips for International Students Happy Holidays from Cary Broussard, author, From Cinderella to CEO “Some will ace and some will space – May those who prepare, earn their grace.”

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