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Taking the Gracie Awards to Los Angeles

With the 2012 Gracie Awards having come and gone, I have the opportunity to reflect upon my time as interim president of the Gracie Awards and the Alliance for Women in Media in 2010. My time with the organization was truly the opportunity of a lifetime. Taking the Gracies to LA for the first time in 35 years (it had always been held in New York), and working with a dedicated board of directors and staff was a great privilege. If you ever have the opportunity to attend the Gracie Awards, by all means, go! It is a great experience (albeit usually a tad too long as all awards shows tend to be). The Gracie Awards bring together the biggest names in news and entertainment to honor the best in programming for and about women. These links capture some amazing women (and men) who attend this prestigious gala, and for me, lots of great fun. WATCH VIDEO: Gracie Awards – Green T – Alliance for Women in Media WATCH VIDEO: Gracie Awards at The Beverly Hilton – Cary Speaks

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