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Millennials Say (and Can Do) The Darn-dest Things

For those of you who don’t know what age range the Millennial group refers to…the “Millennials” are the generation born between 1975 and 1995 (18 years of age to 38). There’s a whole bunch of Millennials, the next biggest population bubble to come along since the Boomers (1945 to 1964).

Sylvia, Woloszyn, a Millennial in her first entry level position , wants to travel, travel and travel some more…

One of the great Milliennials I’ve come to know is a young woman named Sylvia Woloszyn. I met Sylvia when she attended my class on special event marketing at NYU. I soon found out that Sylvia is both soft spoken and brilliant. So when Sylvia graduated, I was thankful she agreed to work with my company and help it grow into a larger entity. She has a full time position with an airline company and works remotely for Broussard Global on a part time basis. A first generation American, who has become integral to the growth of Broussard Global cause-related marketing and communications company, Sylvia can do anything when it comes to technology, design or the written word (just to scratch the surface). The smartest people say some of the darn-dest things, and this smart, young woman has a great deal to say about her generation and what makes her age group tick. Check it out.

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