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Listen to me, little Red Riding Hood…

There are ZERO calories in music. If I listened to more music, instead of snacking on sweets, I’d be a lot thinner…Ok, it’s settled…one more New Year’s resolution on the list. What do you listen to while you’re creating, eating or exercising? My friend Mary Barry created a great soundtrack for me while I was writing my book, and I use it to kick off my presentations sometimes.  Music is an incredible motivator. I grew up in Memphis, Tennessee, a great music town (Elvis, Justin Timberlake, Alex Chilton, Rufus and Carla Thomas, all hail from M-town). Anyway, I’ve gotten away from my music roots and I’ve found the app Shazam to be an amazing help on my iPod in helping me remember songs  and learn about new artists. Check it out!! So my fairy tale soundtrack includes several songs I want to share. Lil Red Riding Hood by the Pharoahs/Sam the Sham and the Fairy Godmother Song by Jennifer Saunders. Go to if you’re inclined to download or listen to a quick snippet. More to come. Stay tuned (next blog, an update on my last trip to Apple store for “one to one” from a hip techie in Soho. Hilarious, helpful).

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