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How Entrepreneurs Can Help Shape Corporate Culture

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

The Business of Meetings Podcast Host Eric Rozenberg interviews Cary Broussard on how the Hospitality Industry is bouncing back and how the industry can be very welcoming to new workers from all different walks of life.

We discuss:

  • Now may be the best time to enter the hospitality industry because the smart companies want diversity of thought, diversity of age, and diversity of talent.

  • How safety and cleanliness are still the top two issues for any traveler.

  • Research shows that women are willing to pay more to ensure a safe travel experience.

Eric Rozenberg, the host of The Business of Meetings, is also author of the new beset-selling book on Amazon:

Before It's Too Late - A Love Letter to My Daughters and America

Order the book here:

A link to Eric's LinkedIn profile for more information about him

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