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Are You Where You're Supposed to Be in Your Career?

Do you believe that wherever you are - is where you are supposed to be? What if you are in the middle of a war zone fighting for your life? What if you're getting married and you are nervous as a cat on a hot tin roof? What if you're in search for a new job?

My conversation with the fascinating actor, writer and entrepreneur Eugene Pidgeon about his journey will inspire you. Never defined simply by his abilities or his stature - Eugene has one of the most inspiring life stories I've ever known - He advocates "wherever I am - that's where I'm supposed to be."

Eugene adds: "When someone asks if you believe in miracles, we should all say 'no' - I RELY on miracles!"

Cary Broussard's podcast interview with Eugene is fun and filled with inspiration, courage, love...and while you're at it... Reach out to friends, family and colleagues you haven't spoken with in a while and tell them you miss them and take a listen to what courage, love and wit sounds like in the words and life of Eugene Pidgeon.

Eugene Pidgeon (center) is pictured here with Lynda Carter, also known as "Wonder Woman."

Cary Broussard is a communications executive, career coach and corporate trainer. Learn more about Cary her team and the C2CEO curriculum. Go to

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