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Do personalities get wrinkles?

I know we have creams, plastic surgery, all sorts of supposed cures for making our wrinkles go away. No matter what I’m armed with, winning the war on wrinkles is probably a losing battle…but don’t get me wrong I’m certainly willing to stay in the battle! However, I would really would rather spend time in a more cause-related battle, making improvements to the wrinkles in my personality…. Starting with being a more giving person, being more understanding of my husband, more thoughtful to my co-workers, less egotistical, less judgemental, less fearful about the future – Wrinkles or no wrinkles. So when I watched this TED TALK video featuring Jane McGonigal and how her video game helped pull her out of depression following an injury, I was intrigued.

#games #personality #skincare #TEDTALKS

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