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Chicago, Atlanta, Memphis

Chicago and Atlanta were amazing markets to launch Cindy CEO book tour…I want to thank famous lawyer Nina Fain from Chicago who arranged an amazing event for my first book signing at SchiffHardin Law Firm – atop the Sears Tower. Talk about starting at the top. Thank you Nina and thank you Lorna Donatone, President of Spirit Cruises who “partook” in a panel discussion with me and Lana Porter, first lady of technology and formerly the chair of Leadership America ( The event drew attention to the non-profit organization Commanding Heights that Nina started a couple of years ago – to work with women at all levels to see that they excell in their lives. Go Nina! Oh and moderator Felisia Wesson and PR Maven Tammy McMiller are two elegant women I met in Chicago. Felisia is now legal counsel and COO of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and a hometown Chicagoan. Oh and add lunch at the wonderful restaurant before the event with Paul Wildermuth and Sharon Jones of Diversity Inc of Chicago. A great, great time. The partners and women’s council of Schiff Hardin rock. Candace O’Keefe and husband Dirk, owners of Pharoah Communications and Consultant out of Dallas, thank you for all you did to get my book to the event on top of all the Leadership America duties you have – and thank you Leadership America board and class members for attending. It was also an honor to have Debbie Halvorson, Senate Majority Leader of the State of Illinois in attendance. And yes, the talented Jan Wilson (Big W Design), who created the “Cinderella CEO” website was there, and my first opportunity to meet her in person! A great, talented lady. We didn’t get to talk long, but we email extensively! I know her well….


After Chicago, I went straight to Atlanta, to attend the Women’s Leadership Exchange event ( Amazing women entrepreneurs in attendance, including some new faces from New Orleans area, which was quite rewarding to meet these dynamic businesswomen relocating their businesses to Atlanta. Leslie Grossman, Andrea March, co-founders of WLE put on another great event and business contacts galore were made. Ruby Dee, Dixie Carter, CEO of IKEA Pernille Spiers-Lopez were there. Best-selling author Connie Glaser (a fairy godmentor if there ever was one) – speaking of we missed Gail Evans, who had a previous engagement, another mentor/author and quoted extensively in From Cinderella To CEO. Patrice Dickey, a high school buddy from Memphis and one of my sisters best friends was there – hadn’t seen her in a too long time. Owner of PD Communications, she is a speaker and columnist and a dang good Yoga teacher apparently. Bang! co-writer Robin Koval was there and bought my book which thrilled me. After hearing her presentation, I bought Bang! – all about how her agency Kaplan Thaler work – doing bang-up ads like AFLAC Duck, etc. – Enjoyed meeitng so many new peeps including Tanjuria Anderson, editor of Connect Atlanta – She asked me great questions about the Wyndham buyout and I was totally impressed with her publication. Oh and met Elizabeth Pagano and her daughter – co-authors. Looking forward to reconnecting with them…. Oh, stayed at the cute Wyndham Vinings hotel – which is close to the Cobb Galleria. Many thanks Lynne Robert Burg, Senior VP of development of Aimbridge Hospitality, managers of that hotel (and many others) and to my man Robert Gillum who arranged it all ! Saw Chad Goodnough, also with Aimbridge, salesman extraordinaire at the Wyndham hotel – great to run into him. And the Wyndham van driver was amazing (i.e. Mario Andretti female version of driving). And my entertaining cab buddy Susan Long. Thanks my dear for THE generous lift to the airport. Thank you to all who bought the book, including Susan to give a copy to Lynne Connelly of Office Depot! Yahoo. Thank you! Also reconnected with Pam Hege, of Atlanta ( Pam organized the Women in Blues event in Hollywood a few years ago. She brought some amazing women together to sing the blues! Including Bonnie Raitt and Etta James. No wonder Pam attended WLE – she’s a big fan of Ruby Dee’s. And many thanks to movement therapist Lisa Ann McCall who keeps me “loose” after many a long plane ride. Her great classes can get my legs, shoulders and back moving again! And I love her new book. Check it out on her website:


Now to Memphis! Memphis is my “home town” so I am always happy to return to see my family and friends and listen to great Blues music!!!! I worked at the Peabody Hotel for a time as PR director and loved it. Made great friends, traveled with the Peabody Ducks and just had a blast. Some of the people I’d like to thank from Memphis are listed below, but before I get there…..Well, besides being nervous about going my “home” – my sister in law Lisa is throwing a humongous shin-dig Friday night for all to come and just have a throw-down about this fun book From Cinderella to CEO being released! We are excited. You know big families like a good party especially in Memphis – thank goodness. Thursday will be a book signing at the historic Burke’s book store in Memphis. Owned by Corey and Cheryl Messler, who bought the gem from my aunt Harriette Beeson. (I always secretly wanted to work at Burke’s). My friends Missy Rainer, Douglas Kirkpatrick, Kim Mullins, Ellen Hendry and so many others I hope to see. Can’t wait. Will keep you posted. I won’t ramble on like this always, I am just excited about the book launch and now you are part of it too…. By the way, if you have read the book and have a chance to post a review on amazon. com, please take a minute to consider doing so, it would mean alot to me. Go to my book site on THANKS!

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