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Can't get a loan from a bank? Attention bargain shoppers…

It’s now possible to get a small business loan from Sam’s Clubs or AT&T (if you qualify). Neither provide huge loans – but up to $25,000 is nothing to sneeze at for a growing small business. That financial “seedling” could generate gargantuan profits one day or buoy someone’s livelihood. I can’t recall all the names of very successful people today or in the past who started with $5,000, or similar boot-strapped amounts out of their respective garages and closets, rubbing two sticks together, but they now have major libraries and athletic dorms and arenas named after them… you know who you are and you probably know who they are too!…..Now’s the time for those of us who know we have great business ideas deep down inside us “to get crackin” as my granny used to say (and do did Granny on the Beverly Hillbillies for that matter…and look what happened to the Clampets…They moved to Beverly Hills! Happily Ever After….I wonder how the inheritance tax affected Jethro and Ellie Mae? (obviously  the Beverly Hillbillies made a big impression on me growing up…) For more info, go to Yes, there’s hope, folks….
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