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Bring Your Parents to Work Day. Really?

My parents helped me get my first job. My aunt had a friend who was the Executive Director of the American Cancer Society. Aunt Milton (yes, my Aunt’s name was Milton) helped me get an interview for the PR Director/Special Events position. The hiring decision was given to an impartial 3rd party, the publicity chairman, who happened to be the local NBC news anchor. I got the job, and my career in public relations began…and my parents butted out. However, 25 years later, I wonder how involved I would be as a parent in helping my child land a job. The article in PRNewser below and other media pubs are buzzing about how LinkedIn and companies are involving parents of millennials in the hiring, retention process, primarily with regard to internships. Finding the right workplace culture, a career foundation and ultimately a decent boss could definitely be influenced by one’s parents. Seems like it’s frought with all sorts of issues though. What if one’s parent would also like to apply for a job at same company? Or what if the candidate’s new boss gets along really well with parent but not with the millennial, or visa versa? I don’t know, could be a PR person’s dream….What do you think?

PR is one of the world's 10 "most misunderstood" jobs. How do you describe your job to your parents? — PRNewser (@PRNewser) September 12, 2013

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