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Be an Economic Patriot

I was fortunate enough to be invited by The Common Good organization to Hunter College in NYC last week to hear/watch a panel discussion and attended with my husband Logan. One of the best lines of the panel discussion, moderated by Dan Abrams of NBC/MSNBC was from Katrina vandenHeuvel, editor, publisher of The Nation (also a contributing commentator to Washington Post), who asked corporations to step up and be “economic patriots” – I interpeted to mean – take risks corporate America on our U.S. economy – instead of only investing money into what appears to be a “sure thing” in China for example through their growing economy – at least balance it out by hiring in the U.S. and investing in our companies and culture….According to an article that my aunt Dodi sent me this week, Wayne Risher from the Memphis Commercial Appeal ( interviewed the CFO of FedEx and CEO Fred Smith, Smith said the US business is sitting on some incredible amount of money, something like $1.6 trillion – $2 trillion. Business investment here is down from what it was 3 years ago. Anyway, if you/I are working on either finding a new job or starting a business and everything just feels stagnant or flatline…. don’t be discouraged. There is so much conversation, so much discord and disatisfaction that all of this angst will definitely lead to change.

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