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10 Reasons Millennials Get Out of Bed for Work

Getting to know Millennials is a priority for most, whether you’re in business, academics or parenting – just to name a few professions. I’ve been pleasantly surprised and challenged by this generation that represents a group of 80 million, according to the 2/24/2015 NPR story “The New Boom,” responsible for $1 trillion in spending a year. Like NPR, our company also conducts focus groups with Millennials, but we call them Millennial Advisory Councils. Our reason for starting the councils in Dallas and New York was to help companies hire Millennials. I am rooting for this generation and all they want to accomplish, especially my friend Song. We convinced Song to let us capture her thoughts on video below. According to our Millennial Advisory Circle… Top 10 Reasons a Millennial Gets out of Bed in the Morning: 1. Money 2. More Responsibility 3. Global Opportunities 4. Volunteer Opportunities 5. Feeling Appreciated: Recognition, Rewards, Incentives 6. Flex Time 7. Learning New Skills 8. Balance of Work and Life 9. Mentoring 10.Be Brought into the Know about Company Strategy

Members of our NYC Career Advisory Council

Consider joining our Millennial Advisory Council. Send an email to to apply for the Broussard Global Millennial Career Advisory Circle.

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