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The 2020-21 Pandemic Uncovers New Leadership Skills

The last time many of us connected in person we gave each other a hug or a handshake - along with a big smile.

Communicating is more challenging than ever in this new normal. Showing up has become exponentially more complicated. And it’s never been more important.

  • Our current way of communication has become 70% virtual, 30% in person.

  • Communicating with authenticity and sincerity is much more complex via screen or while wearing a mask.

  • We have to work harder to stay connected and motivated while inspiring others, with or without our masks.

Words and actions have a ripple effect on our personal and professional wellbeing and our capacity to lead.

Being a leader means motivating others. How do we do this with little or no physical contact? Our goal at Cinderella to CEO is to provide the tools to implement a transformational leadership roadmap for executives and their team members.

  • How you are positioning yourself as competent leader as a result of the pandemic?

  • Are you developing the communication skills to reassure and inspire others?

  • What positive transformations are you envisioning that will bring joy and reassurance to your colleagues, family and friends?

We have some solutions to help you on your journey. This 5 minute video was created to guide and inspire your next steps. I am looking forward to your thoughts and tracking your progress!

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