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Cathie Black, the new Fairy Jobmentor?

Have you seen Fairy Jobmother on the Lifetime channel on Wed night or WE’s Downsized on Thurs night? Fairy Jobmother is scruffy but upbeat – much like Jerry Seinfeild’s Marriage Ref and Nanny 911. Downsized is so REAL that it can be painful to watch – but should be on every banker’s, corporate CEO and politician’s watch list in America. Downsized is truly what is real in America right now. Now, a possible bright spot… Cathie Black was just named by NYC Mayor Bloomberg as the new Superintendent of Schools for Manhattan. Plucked from her position as head of Hearst magazines to replace Joel Klein, she’s worked her way up through advertising sales to head of USA TODAY, publisher of oodles of magazines, including Oprah’s O magazine. Now Cathie Black will face a formidable challenge – New York City teachers, administrators, students, parents and guardians, left, right and center media – and she will have to face her past (and future) in a public arena…Most importantly, she will be in the position to help so many others achieve their dreams… if she can lead others effectively within the educational system of NYC. She’s got the right connections at the tip top. She can be a fairy jobmentor to not only aspiring and qualified teachers and administrators, but to all of us who want to see smart women succeed and change the world for the better. But now is the time for her constituency, or her mentees, to influence her. The jury is still out on how she will need our input and help, and of course, she will have to ask for it, listen and respond. Here’s an interview that Jonathan Tisch conducted recently with Ms Black on Plum TV. (Cathie Black is currently not giving any interviews, so this is a great, lengthy interview to learn more about her).

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