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"You don’t have to be a CEO to think, act and lead like a smart CEO. This applies to all levels."


Our customized, pathway-curriculum attracts high-performance leaders and organizations.

We are teachers, coaches, and subject matter experts who help our C2CEO community members to overcome barriers to promote personal and professional growth.

We help you build and manage inclusive, innovative, productive teams.

Our team specializes in how not to let distractions drain your power source and to turn crises to your benefit. We conducted our business coaching, education, and teaching online and in person.

Today our hybrid methods of teaching, consulting, and coaching are more effective than ever.

Our C2CEO think tank advisors have proven success records in creating long-lasting, positive results for businesses, communities and entire industries.

"Being cast out of one place can force you to find new opportunities with greater rewards."

Cary speaks to groups across the country and throughout the world.


A long time advocate for women, Cary speaks to audiences coast-to-coast and globally about how to successfully navigate issues affecting career and the workplace. 

Speaking to audiences coast-to-coast and globally, Cary has built a movement that has helped businesses and communities prosper, especially in volatile economies. Cary melds the business parables and wisdom found in 1,000 year old fairy tales with purpose-driven leadership concepts.

"Timing is key when you’re trying to break through barriers. Success requires both persistence and timing."


Like many women, my life did not turn out to be the storybook I pictured as a young girl.


I have come to appreciate the lessons found in fairy tales though - I have always believed one person can make a positive difference in the world. I have done well in my career, confronted some evil wolves along the way while learning valuable lessons. Now, you too can learn to apply the timeless wisdom of fairy tales to the modern world of work.


Cinderella CEO "On Air" is a career podcast based on the business book, From Cinderella to CEO


C2CEO Career

Comeback Stories

C2CEO On Air (ie. Cinderella to CEO On Air) brings you the stories of women and men, who have overcome hurdles and risen to places where they make dreams come true for themselves and others.


The C2CEO community centers around research conducted with successful leaders who have worked to transform themselves, their communities, and organizations for the better. We have fun with our podcasts and share memorable lessons that listeners at all career levels will enjoy.

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"Thank you once again from the bottom of my heart for being part of the “Remarkable Woman” radio program. It was so exciting having you on the show. Your professional achievements are inspirational. You are truly a remarkable woman! You have helped us achieve our goal to inspire others to be the best they can be."

Florine Mark

Former President of WeightWatchers®

"I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I enjoyed meeting you, and to thank you for your participation in last night’s “Women in Power” event. You were a superb moderator with all the attributes one expects: charm, generosity, preparation and a sense of humor."

Rochelle Katzman

Program Associate,

92 Street Y, New York, NY

“In moments of crises, the workplace can be a safe haven for people. But that requires intentional, empathetic leadership. Thanks for your role in being a part of this movement to humanize leadership.”

Mia Mends

Global Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer and CEO

Impact Ventures, Sodexo North America