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Serena Lu
Stern School of Business, New York University

I absolutely loved the new, modern perspective your book offered to old, familiar fairy tales…. As I am still in school, I was intensely interested in the sorts of obstacles that women face in their careers every day. My favorite was the part about making a difference from your desk by integrating social responsibility into business models. I cannot wait to finish the rest of the book. 


Jacqueline K Chan
President Phi Chi Theta

Everyone loved hearing about your insights and experiences, and we all definitely learned a lot from you. 


Nisha Parikh

Stern School of Business, New York University

Your book, as I said last night, motivated me to keep an open mind, pick my battles wisely, and make sure I am happy. Your work focusing on women in business is truly inspiring.


Rebecca Salk
Career Development Counselor, New York University, 
The Wasserman Center for Career Development

Thank you for taking the time today to participate in Business Boot Camp for Liberal Arts Students. The program was a huge success, and you made a strong contribution to the overall development of those who participated.

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