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Set the History Records Straight….Wikipedia is Your Opportunity

I’ve had some fun recently making updates to a Wikipedia page that tells the history of the Women On Their Way program I would invite others, who were involved with me in the Women On Their Way program to review and add your verifiable data as well. Have you ever edited a Wikipedia page? It’s fun and I think the Baby Boomer generation is particularly qualified to help provide accurate records on many subjects floating around on Google. Is there a project or book that you contributed to that might warrant your background and knowledge? Why not Google some projects you’ve worked on or created and see if the details are documented and better yet, if they are correct. It’s very easy to sign up to edit on Wikipedia. The site asks you to choose a user name and provides reasons why not to use your own name (Ex: people might harrass you). Wikipedia is a self-policing editorial community and will check out your edits, so we need to be accurate. Go for it, and send me a link to the Wikipages you like, and may even have edited!

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