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Getting Into the Community and Digging It!

Volunteers helped plant a new flower bed in honor of Cinco de Mayo at West Dallas Community School, as part of a series of events designed to support the school, which serves at-risk children of West Dallas. Getting to dig in the dirt with a group of amazing 5th graders from the Nature Studies Class at WCDS, literally reconnected me to the earth and to the Dallas community. You see, I’ve just returned to Dallas after living in New York and New Jersey for the last four years. Volunteering as part of a volunteer effort gave me the opportunity to also make new friends at and Slingshot. West Dallas 5th grade students and all the volunteers utilized the colors of the Mexican flag — hope (green), white (unity) and red (the country’s heroes) to plant the 14′ x 4.5′ flower bed. The colorful flower bed was planted in front of the school sign. If you’re interested in getting to know the amazing administrators, teachers and students at WDCS. The school hosts regular Lunch & Learns to highlight volunteer opportunities such as mentoring and tutoring. For more information, reply to

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