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American Airlines launches web page for women travelers

If you don’t think it’s a big deal that a major corporation is talking directly to women travelers, think again. It’s such a smart business move and so many companies are moving so fast, they don’t see the major, economic power in reaching out to women. Kudos to American Airlines. Go to tell AA what you think about their new site. Don’t get me wrong, I fly Southwest Airlines all of the time(great prices, great staff) and Colleen Barrett, SWA president is an inspiration, but to have the world’s leading airline come out and talk directly to women tells you it’s a smart, well thought through move, not a fluke. Now it’s our responsbility as consumers, men and women, to tell our airlines how we like to fly and what they can do to improve customer service,. Am I right? Tell Nora Linville at American hello and I sent ya. She’ll love it. Best, Cary

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