Kevin Detz, Aimbridge Hospitality’s Chief Accounting Officer, Shares Mentoring Tips

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Helping others up the Ladder of Success is a core value of Cinderella to CEO on Air.
Cinderella to CEO stories are not gender-specific. This podcast interviews leaders who have navigated their way to a palace of their dreams. Today, we have Kevin Detz. He is Chief Accounting Officer at Aimbridge Hospitality. We asked Kevin to speak with us because he champions women and men in his role at Aimbridge, encouraging them to be the best they can be – while challenging them to make Aimbridge the best company it can be along the way. What does it mean to champion women? How did he decide this was important? We’ll find out….


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Cary Broussard is a communications executive, teacher, and author of the book, From Cinderella to CEO. She is a partner in Broussard Global Communications, based in Dallas and New York. You can find out more about her on, on Twitter @carybroussard1 or @fairygodmentor and of course LinkedIn.
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