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I love happy people, and who doesn’t? Well, how would you like 9 Happy People? And there are more…Meet Candice Quarles, CEO of 9HappyPeople Lifestyle brands. Candice is a brilliant civic leader and new mom, and spent time talking with us on CinderellaCEO On Air about how her entrepreneurial venture is improving communities.

Formerly an executive with Deloitte Big Four Accounting firm, and the Urban League of Dallas, she has her Masters in Human Resources (pssst….she’s really smart!). All this has prepared her for her most important job yet.

Each purchase from 9HappyPeople brand helps create jobs in local, under-served communities like East and South Dallas. 9HappyPeople has modern, trendy designs that share positive messages, and every piece is high quality, made with the finest materials.

Candice Quarles, CEO of 9Happy People with interview host Cary Broussard

Candice Quarles, CEO of 9Happy People with interview host Cary Broussard

When you buy 9HappyPeople, you are helping to combat poverty, unemployment and underemployment in your city. When you buy 9HappyPeople, you feel good and look good too! Transform lives by choosing what you wear …


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