What’s Your Story Line?

I had an amazing experience last week at LATVFest. Jeffrey Gordon, Founder, Writers Boot Camp, shared how to write your own TV script during his session. Gordon says a writer can develop a script that feels brand new and work across all platforms. Since I was day dreaming in and out of his presentation (thinking about my next book -and first tv show), go to www.writersbootcamp.com for more detail

He addressed the distinctions for writing for television. To get started, at the very least, we need to answer these questions….which involves also creating lists:

1. Why you are passionate about your project?

2. What are potential episodes, story lines and how many will happen?

3. What are your story components?

4. Breakdown arcs over seasons – what will make your show last for several seasons?

5. Are you evaluating what’s on tv already? What shows does it “ode” to?

6.Character breakdown – What is relationships with other characters (Main character, 2nd character, 3rd party opponents)

7. Is there a character conceit? A story conceit? Do you need both? (apparently not, according to Jeffrey)

8. How do you get started….

Write down 10 anecdotes you tell people about yourself – then edit it – what do you want people to take away? Once you get that…you’ve got your story line

For more information about next year’s LATVFest, go to www.natpe.org


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  1. Leslie says:

    This is very valuable information. I always wondered how TV producers/writers present their ideas. It’s quite different than writing a business plan or a marketing plan. Thanks, Cary!

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